Totzee - Bibs Colour Kauçuk Emzik Nordic Mint
Totzee - Bibs Colour Kauçuk Emzik Nordic Mint
Upload image in gallery view, Totzee - Bibs Colour Kauçuk Emzik Nordic Mint
Upload image in gallery view, Totzee - Bibs Colour Kauçuk Emzik Nordic Mint
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BIBS was born nearly 40 years ago in Denmark with the mission to 'create the natural rubber pacifier brand made from the best material'. Over the past 40 years, BIBS has become the most preferred natural material hand, functional, European quality pacifier brand all over the world. In 2017, it made a rapid entry into the sector with its renewed and improved colors and designs. All BIBS products are designed and manufactured in Denmark.


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  • With its 100% natural rubber tip, it has holes that allow air flow and a slightly curved structure developed to prevent skin irritation.
  • With its round and soft rubber tip, it has the closest form to the mother's breast
  • It does not contain harmful substances such as BPA, PVC and Phthalate and is produced in accordance with the world-renowned EN 1400 standard.

You must sterilize every pacifier you buy before using it. Before using BIBS pacifiers for the first time, we recommend sterilizing them in boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Since BIBS teats have airflow, it is normal for water to fill the teat when boiling. After the water in the pacifier cools down, you can squeeze the pacifier tip and empty the filled water. We do not recommend sterilizing BIBS pacifiers in the microwave, dishwasher or other cleaning devices as it may degrade the structure of the natural rubber material. For hygiene and safety reasons, you should renew the pacifiers you use between 4-6 weeks. Clean the pacifier before each use. For your baby's dental development and health, the pacifier should not be given by touching sugar or medical materials. Do not expose to sunlight and store in a dry and closed place when not in use.

Package content: Contains 1 BIBS pacifier.

  • Product code: T100284