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Now that your little one has joined your home, it's time to take cute photos and capture sweet moments you'll want to remember forever. Whether you're planning to use a newborn photographer to take pictures of your baby Whether you shoot it yourself, these tips will help you capture beautiful photos.

When should newborn baby photos be taken?
Most photographers use newborns between seven and 14 days old. suggests taking a photo of a baby. After the first week or two, babies become much more alert, making it difficult to take sleepy baby photos. If your baby is a little older, schedule the photo shoot according to your baby's sleep times.

Safety first
It is useful to have another adult near your baby, especially if you are going to take the photo and you plan to use accessories. it could be. Of course, no photo is worth risking your baby's safety.

Perfect your baby's hair and skin
As it can make your baby's skin look shiny, on the day of your photo shoot, give it to your baby. Avoid using excessive baby lotion. For soft, bouncy hair, use a warm washcloth to clean your baby's hair before the session.

Choosing the right clothes
You can arrange two or three different styles for your baby's photo shoot. In order to save time, we recommend that the clothes and accessories you want to wear are close to the place where you will be photographing. Spare clothes are always a good idea in case an outfit gets dirty. Accidents can happen anytime If you plan to be with your baby in photos, avoid thick jewelry and choose neutral colors and soft fabrics that won't disturb your baby's clothing.

What to do about diapers
Change your baby's diapers about 30 minutes to an hour before the session and make sure the diaper is loose enough to prevent red marks and diaper lines on your skin. If you plan to display your baby's skin, peel it off beforehand and swaddle them to keep them warm until it's time for the photo.

Meal before photos
Feed your baby about two hours before your photo shoot. A full belly equals a happy baby. Therefore, if your baby starts to get cranky, feel free to take a break for a quick feed and some cuddles. Take advantage of these moments for more candid shots while feeding your baby.

Capture moments with siblings and pets
Even though the photo shoot is focused on your newborn, this is other doesn't mean family members can't appear! Aim to capture natural, intimate moments between your baby and older siblings or four-legged family members. A few minutes before the session, take time to explain what is expected of older siblings, such as being quiet and calm so the baby doesn't get upset. If you plan to include pets, always make sure an adult is holding them to keep everyone safe and happy.

Keep it natural
Indoor lighting, even studio lighting, can be challenging. For the best photos, use as much natural window light as possible; evening light usually works best Even natural light should be soft, so avoid windows with direct light on a sunny day - for example: avoid east-facing windows during a morning photo shoot

Capture from all angles
For example, if a pose of your baby in the basket was taken from various angles, you'd get at least three should give different photos. Try shooting each pose directly over your baby, in front of your baby and from the side or at an angle.


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