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Are you having trouble getting your baby to sleep? This is a common problem among many new parents, so know that you are not alone. It may take some time to understand your baby's sleep patterns, but there may be other factors contributing to the problem.

Here we have gathered the most common reasons why your baby is not able to fall asleep quickly and some helpful tips to help improve their sleep cycle.

To be Synchronized with Natural Sleep Patterns

In order for your child to get the best night's sleep, they must be in harmony with their natural sleep rhythms. The main problem here is that newborns have cycles shorter than 24 hours as their internal clocks are not yet fully formed. Therefore, if they need to sleep, it's best to let them get the rest they need right away until you help them develop a more planned sleep schedule. Of course, there's not much you can do in the meantime, because it's just a matter of time!

Too Much Noise

Just like an adult, it can be difficult for your baby to fall asleep if he or she can hear all the fun and mayhem going on around the house! You can try using white noise sound to help reduce ambient noises or try reducing ambient noises to help them sleep easier. Even when you think you are silent, you will be surprised that they can hear.

No Sedentary Habits

A bedtime routine can help your baby calm down and prepare for sleep. For example, try dimming the lights, playing calming music, and gently massaging or rocking your baby. When your baby is about two months old, you can start establishing a more predictable sleep routine. This will teach your baby to sleep at the same time each night and will begin to associate routine with sleep.


To get the healthiest sleep, your baby needs to feel comfortable. Most babies prefer a comfortable environment to fall asleep. One way to help your baby feel more secure is to dress them safely in a baby sleeping bag. Sleeping bags are like a wearable blanket that makes them feel comfortable but with more freedom of movement. Such sleeping bags are also one hundred percent safe because they are fixed to the baby and do not allow the extra fabric to cause problems. Totzee has plenty of them because we know your baby will love it.

If you're wondering why your baby isn't falling asleep quickly, it could be any of these factors.

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